Personalised light for a healthy home

Healthy light that makes you sleep better, have more energy and improve your productivity.

Pre-order before June, get 40% discount and receive your bulbs in September.

Get your light bulb from 14,99 DKK
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Get the right light at the right time

Sleep better

Increase your melatonin levels
LYS Connect will provide you with warm and cozy light to prepare you for a good night sleep

Be more energized

Increase your serotonin levels
Adjusted to your routine, LYS Connect will give you the light you need to stay energized

Be more productive

Increase your alertness
Having LYS Connect at your desk will make you more productive and alert

Improve mood

Increase your wellbeing
Adjusted to seasons, LYS Connect will help you feel better during the darker months

Personalized to you

Find your chronotype

The LYS science based chronotype profiling helps you understand how to optimise your routine, as well as tailors the lighting perfectly to your type and your circadian rhythm.

Adapted to your needs

The self-learning feature helps the system take into account your preferences.

Optimised with health data

The app will combine the health data from your phone to optimise the lighting to your health and wellbeing.

Bring healthy light to your family

Add & edit rooms freely to have all your lights at home fully automated and healthy.
Share your account with the people you live with, so that LYS can create the best light recipe for all of you.

Easy and fast to set-up

It only takes a couple of minutes and you don’t need to rewire your home

Download the LYS app
on App Store
or Google Play store

Screw-in your light bulbs
and connect them
via the app

Answer our scientific
questionnaire to
tailor your light

Enjoy healthier and
automated lighting
wherever you are

What users say about LYS


“I’m amazed at the impact a small change in my light exposure can have on my energy.”


“Since I use LYS I do feel good about my relationship with how my body ticks.”


“I did see changes in my energy levels after using LYS, it’s quite impressive”


3 simple pricing packages

1 LYS Light Bulb

Place your LYS light bulb in your desk lamp or bedside table.

5 LYS Light Bulbs

Place your LYS light bulbs in your desk lamp, bedside tables, and living room.

10 LYS Light Bulbs

Place your LYS light bulbs everywhere in your home and office.

LYS Connect makes your home healthy

LYS Technologies was founded in 2016. It has the largest human light intake database in the world. With the mission of helping people live healthier with light, LYS Technologies built LYS Connect to bring healthy lights to your home, so that you can live in a space that fully supports your health and wellbeing.Β 

Pre-order before June, get 40% discount, and receive your bulbs in September

Get healthy, automated, and beautiful lighting for you and the people you live with, so that you can all sleep better, improve your productivity, and be more energized